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  • 다양한 비지니스 상황과 관련된 회화표현을 익힐 수 있도록 구성되어 있습니다.
  • ‘비지니스’과정과의 차이는? 추천 레벨이 다르며 다루는 주제가 약간 상이합니다.

구분 내용
Unit 1 I’d like a round-trip to Chicago. / How much is business class?
Unit 2 I want to reconfirm my reservation. / I’m booked on AA flight 567 to NY.
Unit 3 I’d like to change my flight. / May I change my return date?
Unit 4 How many pieces of luggage are you checking? / Your luggage is over the maximum weight.
Unit 5 I’ll put a fragile sticker on it. / I’m just taking y carry-on.
Unit 6 Please place all metal objects in the tray. / Do you have any prohibited items with you?
Unit 7 You can’t bring your pet with you. / Would you mind letting me check your bag?
Unit 8 Your plane is now boarding. / Could you tell me how to get to gate 3?
Unit 9 We have the wall street journal and USA today. / Would you like me to close this shutter?
Unit 10 What are my choices for breakfast? / You’ll have to wait until the plane takes off.
Unit 11 Let’s get going! _
Unit 12 I’d like to introduce.
Unit 13 Korean new year’s day.
Unit 14 First impression is key.
Unit 15 Individual vs Group mentality / Be direct
Unit 16 Age & Respect / Habits & Cultural differences
Unit 17 Misinterpretations / In the office
Unit 18 Health in America
Unit 19 I, greetings and introductions
Unit 20 Actual expressions

구분 내용
Unit 1 Could I get you something to drink? / I can’t believe how cheap the prices are.
Unit 2 We’re about to leave the boarding gate to take off. / The flight has been delayed.
Unit 3 Welcome on board flight 323 to Seattle. / Our layover will be longer.
Unit 4 We have reached our cruising altitude. / We’re about to make our descent into New York’s JFK.
Unit 5 I need to catch my connecting flight. / I missed my connecting flight to NY.
Unit 6 I’m visiting on business. / I’m here to see some of my relatives.
Unit 7 You need to go to the lost luggage counter. / Do you have anything else to declare?
Unit 8 Could you tell me how to get to the Bedford hotel? / What time does the limo leave?
Unit 9 I was wondering if you could tell me where the taxi stand is? / I need to get to the Delta Inn.
Unit 10 Here’s twenty dollars, and keep the change. / I have a reservation.
Unit 11 What has your company decided? _
Unit 12 In the office
Unit 13 Making a phone call.
Unit 14 Leaving a message
Unit 15 The purpose of this meeting is…
Unit 16 Korean culture : INSADONG
Unit 17 Cars : American feet
Unit 18 Introduction to presentation
Unit 19 Actual expressions
Unit 20 Negotiation

구분 내용
Unit 1 Your room won’t be ready until one o’clock.
Unit 2 Could you recommend a places that will deliver to the hotel?
Unit 3 The air conditioner won’t seem to shut off.
Unit 4 How much do you think we should tip the cleaning lady?
Unit 5 Unfortunately, I need to leave today instead of tomorrow.
Unit 6 Excuse me, but are you Jack Builders?
Unit 7 Let me put your luggage in the trunk.
Unit 8 We’ve arranged a room for you at the Hilton Hotel.
Unit 9 I’d like to introduce you to MR. kim, our president.
Unit 10 Is everything all set up?
Unit 11 The first thing on the Agenda is.. _
Unit 12 That may not be as easy as it sounds…
Unit 13 Case study / dealing with a wrong number
Unit 14 Speaking to an operator
Unit 15 Receiving a telephone call 1/2
Unit 16 Eating in Korea
Unit 17 Shopping addicts.
Unit 18 Extending the presentation
Unit 19 Actual Expressions
Unit 20 Contract

구분 내용
Unit 1 There’s been a change in the meeting schedule.
Unit 2 We need to get started.
Unit 3 Let’s briefly review the notes from the last meeting.
Unit 4 I’d like to hand over the explanation to the vice president.
Unit 5 I’m convinced that we made the right choice.
Unit 6 It seems to me that we might be making the right decision.
Unit 7 I see what you mean, but don’t you think that’s a dangerous decision?
Unit 8 Let’s take a ten-minutes break.
Unit 9 Please don’t change the subject.
Unit 10 Whose turn is next?
Unit 11 That may not to be as easy it sounds _
Unit 12 What’s your opinion about that?
Unit 13 The first few minutes together.
Unit 14 in the car
Unit 15 in the morning
Unit 16 Koreans enjoy going to noraebang
Unit 17 Namely about name
Unit 18 Extending the presentation
Unit 19 Actual Expressions
Unit 20 Contract / ordering

구분 내용
Unit 1 Why don’t we get together on Wednesday?
Unit 2 I’m free all day on Friday.
Unit 3 I’m really busy right now.
Unit 4 What’s a good time for you?
Unit 5 Where can I meet you?
Unit 6 That’ll be fine. See you then.
Unit 7 Could we change it to Monday morning?
Unit 8 I’d rather make it later if that’s okay.
Unit 9 I’m running a bit late.
Unit 10 I’m afraid I have to cancel tomorrow appointment.
Unit 11 Let’s go inside, shall we? _
Unit 12 You have a point there.
Unit 13 Eating out
Unit 14 Please and thank you.
Unit 15 Setting up an interview
Unit 16 Eating dog meat on Poknal
Unit 17 Playing the stock market.
Unit 18 Emphasizing & Persuading
Unit 19 Actual expressions
Unit 20 Ordering

구분 내용
Unit 1 I’m looking for the convention center.
Unit 2 Do you know the shortest way to the mall?
Unit 3 I can’t understand where I am on this map.
Unit 4 How far is it from here to the distribution office?
Unit 5 Do you know how many stops until the exhibition center?
Unit 6 Could you draw me a map?
Unit 7 I’m sorry, but I’m not from Seoul.
Unit 8 It’s 200 meters on the right.
Unit 9 Go straight until you see a sign that says “customs”
Unit 10 Where do you want to go?
Unit 11 Let’s go inside, shall we? _
Unit 12 Interview – securing a job.
Unit 13 Interview – Securing a job.
Unit 14 Interveiw – subsequent interview.
Unit 15 Let’s summarize
Unit 16 Please use public transportation.
Unit 17 Vacation in America.
Unit 18 Emphasizing & Persuading
Unit 19 Actual Expressions
Unit 20 ordering


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